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Understanding your needs: Primary schools and nurseries provide the ideal environment for germs to breed. Large and small groups of children working and playing together gives a whole range of illnesses the ideal opportunity to move from child to child with lightning speed. Providing high quality cleaning standards is therefore a key part of maintaining reputation standards for any school or nursery.

Why Hello Cleaner? At Hello Cleaner we understand that quality cleaning goes beyond what you can see. So as well as removing obvious dirt and mess we provide a cleaning schedule that targets those places where germs and bacteria love to hang out – on door handles, light switches, desktops and many other places. And we don't just dust, we damp wipe surfaces to make sure that we remove the danger that lies below the surface, providing the best protection possible.

Working as part of your team: As with all clients we always visit your premises to discuss and advise on individual needs and to remove any concerns you may have about the hassle of changing from your current cleaning operation. Our first step is to agree a suitable program of cleaning and provide you with a cost effective quote. Once this is completed and agreed you can be confident that we will work to the cleaning schedule every time we clean your premises and you will be provided with a signed audit trail for your records. In addition to this, as part of your team we will manage every aspects of your cleaning right through to providing trained cover for holidays or in the event of sickness so you can concentrate on other matters.

Nursery Cleaning Services: Our nursery cleaning services ensure a worry- free way for your business to maintain a professional clean atmosphere for the people inside it. Hello Cleaner uses eco-friendly methods for cleaning without the harmful chemicals. We specialize in steam cleaning which is best for the nurseries' sanitization, killing all harmful bacteria and germs in the process. Let us clean your worries away, so you can concentrate more on your business. Whether you require daily office cleaning services or a weekly or monthly service, we will customize an office cleaning program specifically geared for your business.

Daily Nursery Cleaning: General nursery cleaning to maintain the nursery every day, will include vacuuming, moping, damp dusting, removal of some marks on walls and monthly duties for example chairs legs and behind cupboards.

Deep Cleaning: This includes spot carpet cleaning, all walls, deep floor cleaning and all window frames and doors. This may be required to bring the nursery up to standard before we commence a daily nursery cleaning contract, or can be an annual clean to prepare for an open day or just for a complete refresh. You can have deep cleans on individual rooms as required for example just the kitchen area.

Sanitization using Steam Cleaning: This is designed to clean and purely sanitize all areas using Steam Clean following an outbreak of any sickness or viral infection to work in conjunction with the nursery nurses sanitizing the toys.

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