How to Wash Pillows in your Washing Machine

When it comes to beddings, most people will wash their sheets at least once a week and not think about washing their pillows. Washing pillows is a big job that happens to get a pass regularly, so if you haven’t cleaned yours in a while, why not do it today and enjoy a comfortably fresh sleep space? 

Pillows are way grosser than you could imagine

I usually wash my pillowcases and sheets every week but on rare occasions every two weeks. Not once had I ever thought of cleaning my actual pillows until I learned that they are breeding ground for dust mites and the flu. The research I came across stated that after about two years, about 1/3 of pillows weight comprises of dust mites (they eat the dead skin), dead skin and poop from all those mites. Also, 80% of people suffering from allergies and 10% of those who don’t are allergic to the proteins found in decomposed and waste dust mites.

That night I didn’t get any sleep until I got the pillows away from the bed. The next day I decided to buy new ones then I realized it wasn’t a financially sound decision to buy new pillows every week. After doing some light research, I realized I could wash my pillows in the washing machine and have clean pillows in less than an hour and also save money in the process.

Experts endorse washing your pillows twice a year to prolong their lifespan. This is what you be aware of:

1. Read what’s written on your pillows tags to ensure they can be washed in a washing machine. Regardless of whether they are synthetic or down, most pillows can be washed and very few cannot.

2. Remove the sham or pillowcases before throwing them in the washing machine. You can throw the sham or pillowcases along with the pillows.

3. Throw your pillows in the washing machine. To keep the washer balanced, the trick is to put at least two pillows at a time.

4. Add your preferred brand of detergent

5. Unless otherwise specified, start the wash cycle with warm water and opt for a gentle cycle.

6. Dry the pillows on a cycle that has low heat, while turning and fluffing them often.

7. Add fabric softener for freshness and add a few tennis balls or sneakers to help in fluffing them.

Washing Foam Pillows

1. Remove the pillowcase from your pillows

2. Put at least two pillows in the washing machine to balance the load

3. Add your favorite detergent, use the delicate cycle. Allow the washing machine to go for several minutes and the spin them a few times. If they are still wet, continue spinning. Remove the pillows as soon they stop being wet, slightly dump will do.

4. Put the pillows in the dryer at the imaginably lowest heat. Add fabric freshener for freshness and a few tennis balls to keep them fluffy. Keep an eye on the machine and remove them as soon as they are dry.

When Is the Right Time to Get New Pillows?

With time all pillows wear out. Some of the stains won’t come off, and maybe the pillow will be too small thereby demanding a change. When you notice any of these signs, then it is time for a replacement.  Sleep experts recommend replacing a pillow after a couple of years; however, there is a list of question to help you in deciding when to put the old ones to rest.

Are The Pillows Bumpy Or Lumpy?

Does your feather pillow have to be fluffed or punched for support?

If you fold your pillow in half, does it stay that way?

If you purchase new pillows, don’t throw away the old ones as you can recycle them. Old pillows work great as stuffing for throw pillows or as padding for pet beds.

Bottom Line

A great night’s sleep is a crucial part of a healthy life and helps you banish under-eye circles. A clean, fresh bed is essential for helping you relax and unwind after a long hard day of toiling, but when did you last wash your pillows?

Knowing how to clean your pillows is simple, and the upside is they don’t need regular washing such as pillowcases or sheets. Pillows only need washing only twice a year.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with clean, fresh pillows.