How To Remove Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stain from Countertop

Nothing cleans a stained, dingy toilet quite like a toilet bowl cleaner. Simply swirl the cleaner under the lip of the toilet and let it work its magic! All you need to do is give the bowl a quick scrub afterward.

One strange thing about toilet bowl cleaner, though, is that it is bright blue! While toilet bowl cleaner will clean a toilet with no trouble, the blue cleaner can actually leave a pesky stain if you get some on your bathroom counter.

So, how do you remove the toilet bowl cleaner stain from the countertop? 

The best products to clean toilet bowl cleaner stains from countertops are magic erasers, bleach, and rubbing alcohol. 

How Do You Remove Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stain From The Countertop? 

In order to remove stubborn, blue toilet bowl cleaner stains from countertops or other surfaces, there are three products that work leaps and bounds better than others. 

Your choices for cleaners are:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (melamine sponge)
  • Bleach
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Once you’ve chosen your cleaner of choice, there are two steps that must be taken before you can begin to clean.

First, make sure no toilet bowl cleaner is left behind. Not only will excess cleaner that is left behind make cleaning the stain nearly impossible, but the toilet bowl cleaner can also mix with the cleaning solution and be spread around, expanding the stain farther than it was originally. 

Second, spot test your cleaner on a tiny portion of your counter that isn’t easily visible. Depending on what your counter is made of, harsh cleaners like bleach may damage them in irreparable ways. Use your cleaning agent on a small portion of your counter to see whether or not the cleaner damages the surface. 

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser For Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are erasers made with melamine foam that act as incredibly fine sandpaper to ‘erase’ stains and discolorations.

To use this sponge to clean a toilet bowl stain from a countertop, you will need to soak your sponge and then clean the affected area with circular motions until the stain is gone.

With heavy use, the Magic Eraser can degrade and flake apart. This doesn’t affect its cleaning ability, so this flaking is nothing to worry about, but to avoid an extra mess from the degrading Magic Eraser, you may need to switch to a new one. 

Bleach For Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Bleach is a harsh chemical with a potent scent, but its cleaning powers are undeniable, and it’s likely to remove toilet bowl cleaner stains with no problem.

When using bleach, always dilute it with water. For cleaning toilet bowl cleaner stains from your countertop, use one part bleach to one part water.

You can use a scrub brush or old towel to clean the stain with bleach, but any fabric the bleach touches will be leeched of color, so be careful. A popular method for stains on flat surfaces is to soak a paper towel in the bleach solution and lay it over the stain for 5 minutes.

Once 5 minutes have elapsed, you can take the paper towel away. If the stain isn’t gone, try scrubbing it a second time with the bleach water solution. 

Always cover everything that bleach could potentially come into contact with accidentally, including your clothes, the floor, and your skin!

Rubbing Alcohol For Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Rubbing alcohol excels at removing dyes, and this includes the blue dyes found in most toilet bowl cleaners. 

Similar to how we use bleach to remove stains, it’s best to soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and lay the saturated cloth on the stain. Let this sit for 5 minutes, and once that time has elapsed, remove the cloth and use a scrub brush to clean the stain completely. 

Rubbing alcohol isn’t as strong as bleach, so it can take a few repetitions of this method to get the stain completely cleared. 

Can Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stain?

Yes, toilet bowl cleaner, especially the varieties that use blue dyes, can stain porous surfaces like floors and countertops. 

It may seem counterproductive for a cleaner to leave a stain, but the blue dye in the toilet bowl cleaner can’t penetrate the ceramic surface of the inside of the toilet. When this blue cleaner is applied to surfaces it can penetrate, it leaves a stain.

To avoid toilet bowl cleaner stains, try an alternative cleaner like castile soap. 

How Do You Avoid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains On The Countertop?

To avoid a toilet bowl cleaner stain on your pristine countertop, only store the toilet bowl cleaner in containers on the ground or inside of a cabinet. 

Toilet bowl cleaners can also stain some floorings and hardwoods, so to avoid any spillage or staining, consider storing your toilet bowl cleaner in a sealed plastic bag. 

Related Questions

How do you remove toilet bowl cleaner stains without scrubbing?

The best bet for cleaning toilet bowl cleaner stains with no scrubbing is to cover the stain with a paper towel soaked in a bleach/water mixture. 

How do you get toilet bowl cleaner stains off your hands? 

White vinegar and rubbing alcohol can both remove the blue toilet bowl cleaner stain from your hands, but don’t be surprised if multiple washes are needed. 

How do I remove toilet bowl cleaner stains from wood?

Wood, especially wood that hasn’t been sealed, is extremely porous, meaning it can be stained easier. Use the magic eraser or rubbing alcohol method, but avoid bleach on natural wood.