How to Clean Felt in a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are a fantastic storage device. They keep our precious baubles protected while discreetly hiding them away from unscrupulous eyes. But, sometimes they get dirty, especially the felt inside. If you’re a professional jeweler, filthy felt in a jewelry box can cost you beaucoup bucks.

But knowing how to clean felt in a jewelry box isn’t the same as scrubbing a floor. You have to be careful, use as little water/cleaner as possible, and avoid using anything abrasive. All the while, you have to be mindful of the box and make sure you don’t weaken the felt in the process.

Quick Overview

  1. Use a vacuum and then a lint brush
  2. Remove stains according to how heavy or light they are, this might include using soapy water, stain remover or upholstery cleaner and even coconut oil.
  3. Vacuum the jewelry box again for good measure.
  4. Leave it open until all components are dry. You may have to use rice, cat litter and/or an oscillating fan.
  5. Spray the surface of the felt with a light mist of rubbing alcohol.

Are There Any Precautions before Cleaning Felt?

Felt is a compressed and condensed matting fiber that’s soft. But, it’s not very strong. Once scratch or too much wetness will be immediately visible. Therefore, you want to take great care when you clean felt. This means you will have to devise a plan of action to ensure you get it clean while keeping it pristine. 

If the felt is removable from your jewelry box, this will be most ideal. However, this isn’t usually going to be the case. So, keeping the material of the box free of damage will also have to be part of your decision-making process.

Avoid too Much Water

Remember, while felt is similar to velvet, these are two different kinds of fabric. So, you will not be able to get it wet or immensely moist as with velvet. This is because the fabric will bead up and begin breaking down. While there is some water involved in the steps, you’re going to have to exercise patience.  

Whatever you do, never pour water or cleaners directly onto or into the jewelry box. Also, don’t use an old toothbrush, jewelry cleaning brush or any abrasive tools. All of this will destroy the felt.

What Is the Best Way to Clean A Jewelry Box with Felt?

The following steps will give you a guideline on how to clean your felt-lined jewelry box with safety and confidence. Of course, you can adjust things as needed to suit your situation. But, this is the most basic and safest way to do it.

  1. Remove all jewelry from the box and put it in a safe place.
  2. With a handheld mini vacuum or a narrow attachment for a regular vacuum, suck up all the chunks of dirt and debris.
  3. Then get a lint brush or roller and gently remove all the remaining dust, pet hairs, random fibers and other such particles. 
  4. If stains are present, there are a few things you can try to remove them.
  5. Vacuum one last time for good measure.
  6. Leave the jewelry box open if you used any amount of water or cleaner to remove the stain.
  7. If you moisten the surface too much, place a tablespoon of rice or cat litter over the area. Leave it there for several hours but check on it every so often.
  8. Don’t close it until you’re certain the surface is completely dry and keep a small oscillating fan nearby.
  9. You can also spray a little rubbing alcohol over the surface to help dry things up and to prevent bacteria from taking hold. But, don’t dowse the area, just give a light mist.

How Do You Remove Stains from Felt?

When stains are light and little, yet noticeable, use a small cup of very hot water mixed with a drop of dish or hand soap. Use a cotton swab and gently dab the area with the mix. Grab another cotton pad or ball and press into the surface with a delicate touch.

For Tougher Stains

For medium to heavy stains, spray upholstery cleaner or clothing stain remover onto a lightly damp/moist paper towel or sponge. Don’t rub the surface but dab, dab and dab some more until it lifts.

For Stickiness

If you have something sticky affixed to the felt, like candy, start with soapy water until you have the surface covered. Then, with a pinch of coconut oil on the tip of a cotton swab, rub the surface in light, swift counterclockwise circles. Do not rub the oil into the fabric, just on the surface of the sticky stain.

Repeat this several times until the stickiness is no longer tactile. Then, use the soapy water with a sponge, cotton ball or pad and gingerly press it into the surface. The idea is that the medium you use becomes almost a magnet for the remaining stickiness.


Cleaning the felt in a jewelry box isn’t difficult. But you do have to be very careful so that you remove the grime while keeping it in good condition. Never use too much water or any abrasive tools, it will destroy the fabric. If you can be meticulous, it will be clean in no time.