How to clean a really messy room

How to clean a really messy room

Sometimes, it is easy to let your room become extremely messy while you are busy doing other valuable things in your daily life. Cleaning up a messy room calls for an organized approach and determination. However, you can do it, and all you need to do is to get started.

At times when you think about cleaning your messy room, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it will take a lot of time or it will be too overwhelming. However, you can do it and do it in a short time. These six steps will help you accomplish that work in no time.

1. Open the blinds

Let sunshine brighten your messy room. Not only will the light motivate you to get started, but it will also allow you to see everything, including those small piles you stuffed in the corner of your room. Open the windows as well, and allow fresh air to flow inside to give your room a refresh.

2. Make your bed

After that, make your bed. This will make you feel that there is significant progress towards de-cluttering your room. Not only does making your bed make your room appear neat, but it also gives you a great working space to sort other items such as paper and clothes. For extra freshness, spray your bed with an eco-friendly linen spray. You can make yours by adding a few drops of water to your preferred essential oil to a spray bottle.

3. Have two trash bags

Have two trash bags; one for trash and the one for recycling and clear all the garbage from the dresser, underneath the bed, floor, and desk. This is also a great time to go through your clutter and put all those things that seem unnecessary to the one trash bag, and those you know you can recycle to another trash bag marked for donations.

4. Separate dirty clothes from clean ones

Put all your dirty clothes in a laundry basket and take them to the laundry room. Next, fold or hang all your clean clothes and put away your shoes. Organize your accessories as well. Put anything you have not worn for a long time in your donation pile.

5. De-clutter

Pick any items left on your floor and put them in storage boxes and drawers as needed. Create a mixed-stuff bin for things that you feel don’t belong in your room. Take them to a storage room.

6. Give everything a quick cleanup

Take everything off your desk, dresser, nightstands, and give them a quick cleanup using a microfiber clothing. To keep these items clutter-free only put back those items you are currently using. Place everything else in the donation pile or storage bin. Also, clean your floor with either a vacuum or microfiber floor duster, depending on the type of floor in your bedroom.

Once everything is in order and cleaned up, close all the closet doors and drawers and take all items you have assembled to their respective places. Put the donation bag you have created in your closet, once it is filled, take it to a non-profit organization.