How to Clean a HEPA Filter in Few Easy Steps

Air purifiers and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are more effective than those with ordinary filters. To ensure their longevity, they need to be regularly cleaned. This will enable them last longer, and thus you won’t need to replace them often. Since they are washable, cleaning them regularly is a surefire way of maintaining these filters.

That’s why you should know how to clean a HEPA filter the right way. Make sure to confirm if you have a washable or non-washable filter before proceeding. If it cannot be washed, then any contact with water can ruin it. Therefore, confirm with your user manual first. For non-washable HEPA filters, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for quick cleaning. Here are several ways to clean filters:

How to effectively clean your washable HEPA filter?

1. As alluded to above, the first thing is to find out whether your filter is washable or not. The product manual will be handy. If you do not have the product manual, do a quick search online and consider the product model. The manufacturers’ website should provide the guide. Downloading a copy will shed more light. This point cannot be overemphasized.

2. The next step is to remove the HEPA filter of the appliance. Make sure that you are near a source of water for this. In addition, you might want to dissemble the appliance outdoors. This will help avoid dirt and other particles from contaminating your home. The appliance can have a dirt buildup and going outside will save you a lot of heartache.

3. To remove the filter of the vacuum cleaner or the air purifier, make sure everything if turned off and unplugged. There is a casing that holds the filter and you should remove it. Then, it will be easy to slide the filter from your appliance.

If you are not familiar with the process of removing the filter, you should consult the product manual. Keep in mind that the appliance should never be operated without the HEPA filter in place.

4. If you have not cleaned the filter for some time, you will notice the buildup of dust and debris. You can shake the filter over a garbage can. This will help unlock all the filth that could be stuck in the filter. Take your time to really get all the dirt out; this is a very important part of cleaning the filter.

5. It is now time to rinse the filter with water. You should avoid using high pressure so that the filter is not ruined. Some filters will need some lukewarm water while others will need to be cleaned with cold water.

Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer in the product guide. Rinse both sides of the filter until the water is visibly clean. Do not rub the filter with your hand or any other object. Some filters should not have contact with water on their interior side. Be careful and know what type of filter you are working with.

6. Finally, air dry the filter until it is completely dry. Never reinstall a HEPA filter that is not totally dry. 24 hours are enough to dry your filter. Dryers should be avoided at all cost. Blow dryers and clothes dryers can damage the filter.

How to clean a non-washable filter by vacuuming?

1. The first thing is to remove the filter from your appliance. Look at the manual or product guide to know how to remove it.

2. You will find that your non-washable filters come with other washable filters like the foam and activated charcoal filters. You can rinse these washable filters in water and leave them to air dry for 24 hours.

3. Attach a hose to your vacuum cleaner and run it over the non-washable filter. You can then attach a brush to the hose so that you can clean the HEPA filter. Make sure to capture all the dirt and debris in the filter; do it slowly to avoid puncturing the filter.

4. After all the filters are dry, reassemble your appliance. Some air purifiers are fitted with an electronic cleaning reminder. You can reset the reminder after cleaning the filter.

Guide to maintain your HEPA filter

1. Before using your appliance like a vacuum cleaner, it is imperative to always check whether the filter needs cleaning. for every three months of consistent vacuum cleaner use, you should change your filter. Checking the appliance regularly is the key to optimal function.

2. Once every three months, make sure to clean your washable and non-washable HEPA filters for your air purifier. If your home is prone to excess dust, checking the filters regularly will help you keep them in great working condition. Do not forget that every appliance model may have specific cleaning needs; always check with the manufacturers guide or manual.

3. There is no harm in cleaning your filters more than is recommended. If you follow the cleaning guidelines to the letter, your filters can only make your appliance work better. Therefore, both washable and vacuum-only filters benefit from constant cleaning. This is the sure way to have your appliances working as good as new.

4. Electronic reminders about cleaning your filters are great. However, do not rely on them solely. You must consider the duration of time in which you use the appliances for more accurate tracking. Some reminders will only track the calendar days and not the actual appliance usage time.

5. When your filter becomes discolored or shows signs of wear, it is time to replace them. Failure to replace the filters can only compromise the function of your vacuum cleaner or air purifier. Some manufacturers will recommend the time in which you will need to replace your filters.

However, keeping track on the condition of your filters will give you a better picture of when you need to buy new filters. With proper maintenance through cleaning and vacuuming, the filters should serve you longer in the desired way.

In conclusion, it is important to clean a HEPA filter in the best way possible. This guide shows you how easy it is to get your appliances working efficiently.