How to Clean a Hardwood Floor with Vinegar

Most individuals will have been taught from their grandmother that vinegar and warm water is fantastic for cleaning. We can confirm that this is true. Not only that, but it is fast, easy and cheap. All grime and dirt will be removed in no time at all. When done correctly, there will be no streaks left behind. However, there is one specific issue that I have discovered that is happening all too often. Those who use vinegar and water, or even water by itself, use far more than what is necessary on their floors. Do this on hardwood flooring, and I can tell you that it will cause problems. Not only will it result in the floor swelling, but you’ll soon begin to see a ripple effect in different areas of the wood. The good news is, that there are a few easy things to do to prevent this from happening. Do this, and your hardwood floor will soon look amazing.

Make Sure the Water and Vinegar Ratio Is Correct.

The correct ratio for water and vinegar for wooden floors is: 1 gallon of warm water, and half a cup of white vinegar. Combine these two together in a bucket. It is the vinegar’s acid that will help you to remove the grime and grease from your floor. However, the residue from this will probably result in a range of issues later on if you are looking at refurnishing the floors. Always use a sponge mop to mop the floors. It is OK to use a cheap mop. In saying that, the mop must have a spring wringer on it. If it comes with a semi-abrasive pad on one side of it, then that will be even better to use. 

Never, ever use commercial cotton mops. The water will not get out of the mop as it should. It will also cause problems to the flooring. Make sure you can get as much water as you can out of the mop. Some mops can be spun dried. Are you seeing puddles all over your floor whilst mopping it? Then that is a clear sign that there is more than enough water in the mop. To dry the floor out, you’ll need to use a towel or suitable cloth. Otherwise, the floor will take too long to dry out on its own. When mopping, the mop should only be a little bit wet. This will help the floor to dry out faster without you having to dry it out yourself. Rather than use a mop-to-mop small areas, it is better to use a damp cloth or sponge instead. Just wring the sponge out as much as possible to avoid wetting the floor too much.

What Is the Best Natural Cleaner to Use with Vinegar on Floors?

There are many individuals who believe that vinegar is the best way to clean wooden floors. Having said that, there are professional cleaners out there who are wary of cleaning floors with vinegar and warm water. We’ll have a look at this in further detail.

What Are the Advantages of Using Vinegar and Water on Wooden Floors?

There are several advantages of using vinegar and water on wooden floors. First of all, they are very affordable. Neither do you have to use specific brands. Most people have these things in their homes already. Vinegar and water are not harmful unlike products that have chemicals in them. They will not cause allergic reactions. There are no toxic fumes that come with them. Vinegar and water is a very easy method to use. It is also surprisingly powerful. If used correctly, the floors will be left sparkling clean in no time at all. There will be no left-over streaks at all.

Tips to Remember

* Always be careful when cleaning wooden floors. If possible, choose the simplest method.

* For fast cleaning, make sure to sweep the floors as often as you can. Make sure the mop is free from dust. If using a vacuum cleaner, make sure this has the soft brush on it.

* Stay away from regular brooms. Their bristles are likely to scratch the surface of the floor and cause problems in the future.

Further Advice on How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean.

Always have a cheap spray bottle sitting near other cleaning supplies. Keep 1 gallon of water and half a cup of vinegar in it at all times. Before using it, shake it well then put some on a paper towel. Use this to clean any dirt of grime. This can be done on the stove or even to remove foot prints off the floors. Warm water and vinegar really are the best and most affordable way to clean wooden floors. This method is sure to keep it sparkling clean for decades to come.