How to Clean a Chandelier in Minutes

How to Clean a Chandelier in Minutes

A chandelier can lighten up a room in a beautiful way and embellish your home design. However, because of the many surfaces and facets these lightings have, they can quickly trap and accumulate dirt and dust, making them lose their sparkling appearance and appear dull. If you want to know how to clean a chandelier, I have you covered. I have experimented various methods, and I found an effective method that involves the use of detergent and ammonia. Although cleaning a chandelier can be a little overwhelming at first, after getting used, you will find it a relatively easy task.

Here is how to clean a chandelier

– What you will need

* Deep traps, two basins, double-bowl sink, or dishpans
* Latex or rubber gloves
* Dishwashing soap or detergent
* Two washcloths, dishrags, and two towels
* Glass-cleaning solution or Ammonia

Procedure of cleaning a chandelier

Step 1

Turn off the light circuit at your main circuit breaker before unplugging the fixture at the ceiling or wall. Ensure the power is off by trying the light switch. Remove all the bulbs and place them on a soft surface.

Step 2

Fold one of the towels and put it in a sink. Dishpan or deep tray to prevent fine glass from breaking. Add warm water with dish soap or detergent to the sink. Ensure it is mixed well to avoid leaving white surfaces on the faucets.

Step 3

Pad a deep tray, basin, or large pan with a towel and put clean hot water mixed with a quarter cup of Ammonia. Ammonia is meant to give your chandelier an extra sparkle.

Step 4

Disassemble some crystal saucers and facets from your chandelier. Ensure that you remember the order you removed them in so that you can reassemble them correctly. You can remove a few at a time and put them back to avoid confusion. Soak a cloth in sudsy water and wring it out. Wipe down the fixtures arms and frame.

Step 5

Place the crystal pieces of the chandelier in the sudsy water basin and posh them in a careful manner while wiping down their edges, especially if they are soiled. Rinse them in hot water mixed with ammonia and dry clean them with a piece of clothing.

Step 6

Reassemble back each piece back to its original place on the chandelier frame. Check if there are wire fittings or pieces that are worn, rusty, or bent, and replace them with new ones. Do this to all the crystal parts and remember to down the metallic body and arms.

Step 7

Wipe down the bulbs with a soaked and dried cloth. Ensure to wipe them dry before putting them back into their sockets. After doing this, plug your fixture back and circuit back on. Watch the chandelier sparkle and light your house.

Step 8

It’s quite easy to clean a chandelier, isn’t it? I always clean mine after six months to prevent the buildup of dust and insects waste that may stain the fixture’s frame. It can be challenging at first, but with time, you will get used to disassembling and reassembling chandelier parts.