How Long Does carpet last

How Long Does carpet last

Carpets have long been a staple in many homes, providing comfort whether in bedrooms or the living hall. Featured in various styles, materials, and sizes, it’s no secret that some homeowners may also opt to lay down carpets to give their homes an aesthetic lift.

But have you ever wondered how long does a carpet last before you have to re-carpet your home? Typically, carpets last between 5 to 15 years, depending on the material of your carpet and your maintenance routine.

The lifespan of your carpet would also depend on where you’re using it, with factors such as footfall, cleaning, and quality affecting how long your carpet would last.

Thankfully, there are various ways on how you can retain your carpet to make them last longer. Find out how below.

How to make your carpet last longer

Carpets often come in a variety of materials, quality, and designs. Although they can be widely used around your home, some carpets are better suited to be used in rooms while others can be laid down in the hallway.

Often lasting between 5 to 15 years, the lifespan of a carpet may depend on how you care for it. Through frequent cleaning and maintenance, you may be able to use your carpet for longer periods at home.

So, what can you do if you’re keen to upkeep your carpet properly? Here are some ideas on how you can make your carpet last longer.

1. Leave the dirt outside

While it may feel odd in the beginning, a great way to help keep outdoor dirt away from the indoors is to remove your shoes at the door. You may also consider changing into a different pair of shoes that are specifically for indoor use only.

If you’re not keen to change your shoes or you often wear your shoes indoors, it may be helpful to first tap off any loose soil and dirt outside. Placing a doormat by your home entrance may also be key in deterring dirt from being tracked indoors.

2. Frequent DIY cleaning

To keep your carpet clean, you should aim to vacuum it at least once a week. This will remove any loose dust or soil that may be trapped in your carpet, especially for those that have been laid in the hallway.

Subsequently, you should consider purchasing a carpet spot remover like this to help remove stains from accidental food and drink food spills. Stain removers such as Folex Instant Carpet Spot Removers may be of good help to keep your carpets clean.

Depending on the material of your carpet, it may be a better idea to use the spot cleaners by blotting it repeatedly. You should always avoid scrubbing your carpet to reduce the chances of damaging your carpet in the process of cleaning it.

3. A professional cleaning twice a year

Unlike regular cleaning, professional carpet cleaners will often bring along chemicals to give your carpet a deeper clean. This would remove any trapped dirt that has fallen into your carpet that cannot be cleaned away with regular vacuuming.

To help make your carpet last longer, it’s recommended that you hire a professional team to clean your carpet every 6 months. However, it’s important to note that professional carpet cleaning bills may not come cheap.

Before welcoming a professional carpet cleaning team, you should always check with your carpet manufacturer if their carpets will gel well with the chemicals used. This is avoid tampering with your carpet warranty – if any.

4. Rotate your furniture

Should your room layout allow it, rotating your furniture once or twice a year is also a great way to reduce the wear and tear on your carpet.

This is as heavy furniture pieces can cause indents to your carpet and drive any accumulated dust further into the base. By rotating your furniture often, you’ll be able to distribute the pressure caused by your furniture to the carpet evenly.

When rotating your furniture, it’s always best to avoid dragging them across your carpet. Instead, you should work with a friend or family member to lift your furniture and move them accordingly.

When should I replace my carpet?

Like most household goods, your carpet would also have to be replaced after a period of use. On average, your carpet should be good to use for 5 to 15 years. But how would you know when you should replace your carpet?

Let’s look at some tell-tale signs of when your carpet is due to be replaced.

  • Your carpet looks weary and matted

If you’re noticing that your carpet is matted and has lost its luster to spring back after a step, it may be time to replace it with a newer piece. Beyond the worries of being unsightly, matted carpets may also trap more dirt in its base.

Unfortunately, matted carpets cannot be brought to life even through professional cleaning. While you may attempt to prolong its use with a single cleaning cycle or two, having a matted carpet is a tell-tale sign that it’s time for a change in your home.

  • There is a foul odor

Over time, your carpets may absorb the odors from a variety of substances around your home. Once these odors are captured, there’s little that you can do but to replace your carpet altogether.

Furthermore, a foul-smelling carpet may also be signs of growing mildew or mold. When left unattended, a moldy carpet would not only be detrimental to your health but also the floorboards of your home.

  • Your carpet no longer has proper padding to it

Most carpets are fitted with a layer of padding to make it more comfortable to walk across or sit on. Unfortunately, if you’re no longer feeling the softness of your carpet, then it may be time to have your carpet replaced.

Subsequently, signs such as unevenness or wrinkles on your carpet are also tell-tale signs that the padding to your carpet has worn off, and your carpet should be replaced as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to clean a carpet professionally?

In most cases, cleaning a carpet professionally can take an average of 15 to 20 minutes per room. This, however, may depend on how soiled your carpet is and how long it has been since the last time you have cleaned it well.

Typically, a carpet that has been cleaned twice a year following a strict routine will require less time to clean. Subsequently, it may also take longer to clean your carpet if it’s the first time you’re having it professionally cleaned.

If you want to save time, it’s recommended that you prepare your home by putting aside any large furniture before the professional cleaners arrive. This will allow the cleaners to get to work immediately without having to move the bulk of your items out of the way.

Can my old carpet be the reason I am sick?

Yes, despite providing warmth in the cold seasons, your old carpet may be the reason you are feeling ill. As carpets are known to trap dust and dirt, any carpet that has been used for more than 15 years should always be replaced.

Despite frequent cleaning, carpets may still trap dust and dirt deep within its base, causing health issues such as respiratory problems, skin infections, or allergy reactions. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, your old carpet may be the culprit behind them.