Guide on How to Remove Old Blood Stains From Clothes

Getting rid of blood stains from clothes can be frustrating especially if you allow them to dry. Dried blood stains are the most annoying and nasty stains that can get on your clothes. To remove old blood stains from clothes, you will need to use the right treatment. The process may not be smooth, but if you are patient, you can give your clothes the original charm they had.

How Does A Blood Stain Form On Your Clothes?

Just by accidentally hitting your nose or cutting yourself, blood will leak and fall on your clothes. When exposed to air, blood will clot and bind together due to the hemoglobin it has and other clotting factors. This makes it attach to any surface it falls on such as clothes. The result is a stubborn stain that can’t be removed by ordinary washing.

Methods to Remove Old Blood Stain From Clothes

1. Using cold water, hydrogen peroxide, and washing detergent approach

i). Softly Scrub any clotted blood that is not attached to the fabric firmly.

ii). To loosen or dissolve blood, rinse the stained area using cold, running water. Doing this through the top of the stain or using hot water is not recommended. Using such approaches will move blood particles more in-depth into the clothes which will make it more difficult to remove the stains. If the cloth or fabric surface cannot be rinsed, blotting the affected part with cold water is the way to go.

iii). Using cold water, soak the stained part for around 1 hour. This will allow as much blood as possible to dissolve. Remember to change the water if it becomes very tinted to prevent the stain from spreading.

iv). Then, use hydrogen peroxide to rinse your cloth. For the fabrics that cannot be rinsed, soak a towel or rag in hydrogen peroxide and blot the stained part. If the old blood stain was minor, this step could completely get rid of it.

v). For the extremely stubborn stains, use a soft toothbrush and liquid washing detergent or a mild bubble bath to scrub it. Make it gentle to avoid tearing your cloth.

Vi). Then use clean and cold water to rinse the stained part. If the stains are yet to disappear, repeat spot treatment procedure.

Vii). Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to clean the whole cloth now.

The above approach can remove old blood stains from clothes regardless of how strong or deep they may be. 

However, longer soaking time or repeated treatment can be required to remove the most stubborn stains.

2. Using Lemon

Rub half a lemon over the old blood stains to dissolve the blood. Then sprinkle a small amount of table salt on top of the stain and leave it for around 10 minutes. Draw out the remaining stains using a wet fabric to regain the charm of your cloth.

3. Using Baking Soda

Prepare a solution of baking soda and water in the ratio 1:2 respectively. Use the mixture to blot the stained area until it becomes clean. After you are done, use a clean, wet fabric or spongy material to remove the baking soda from your cloth and then wash it.

4. Using Cornmeal or Cornstarch Paste

Prepare a paste of either cornmeal or cornstarch and water. Apply the paste on the stained part and leave it to dry in the sun. After drying, use a soft brush to remove the paste from the fabric. It will come out together with the old blood stain leaving your cloth looking good.

5. Using Hairspray

Applying hairspray directly on the stained part can remove old blood stains from clothes. Wait for around 2 minutes after applying and then use a wet fabric to wipe away the residue.

How Can You Prevent Blood Stains From Occurring?

Just like the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” preventing blood stains from occurring is the best approach to avoid old blood marks on your clothes. Below are measures you can take to prevent or minimize the risk of blood stains on your clothes.

•Use appropriate sized and secure bandages on injuries. Regular changing is recommended to prevent soaking and spilling onto clothes.

•When you are in places or doing things that can easily cause injuries or cuts, avoid wearing light-colored clothes. Such places/things include garages, kitchen, hiking among others.

•Use a washable mattress cover/protector/pad to prevent blood from menstruation or other injuries from leaking onto the mattress.


Removing any stains on clothes can be tiring and frustrating. However, if you apply the right techniques, you can easily remove old blood stains from clothes. The above methods can help you to reduce even the most stubborn ones until they become unnoticeable or make them disappear altogether. The techniques are not magical and will only work if you are patient!