Easy Hack on How to Clean an Oven Fast

Easy Hack on How to Clean an Oven Fast

Would you like to know easy and fast ways to clean an oven? This is the best page for that info. Cleaning an oven is one of the simplest chores. You just need to follow the best and easy cleaning methods. Due to busy schedules, you may not have all the time in the kitchen to clean your oven. This is why it is ultimately important to know the best cleaning hacks and of course how to do it fast without wasting much of your time. On this article, we will discuss step by step and easy hacks on how you can clean your oven fast!

All that you may require is a simple and inexpensive household ammonia. Ammonia will help loosen and also dissolve tough bake-on mess inside the oven. You don’t need to scrub for hours. With ammonia, you just need some few minutes to wipe your oven clean. Before you start cleaning your oven with ammonia, there are important precautions you need to keep in mind. Let’s look at those important warnings.

• If your oven is a gas oven, ensure the pilot light is out, and the gas is turned off before starting the cleaning process.

• Never mix ammonia with strong cleaning agents such as commercial oven cleaners or bleaching agents.

What you need to easily clean your oven

1. Ammonia
2. Baking dish
3. Pot of water
4. Dish soap
5. Cleaning gloves
6. Scrubbing pad or sponge

Step one – Prepare

The very first step is to preheat your oven to 150 degrees F. when it is heating, place a pot of water on the stove top and boil. As soon as your oven reaches 150F, turn it off then pour 1 cup of ammonia into a baking dish and place it on top of oven’s rack. After you have done all that, then place a pot of hot water on the bottom rack of the oven and then close the door of your oven.

Step two – Wait

You will be required to give hot water and ammonia some time to work the magic. The best thing is to do this in advance so that this liquid will have enough time to work magic inside the oven. You can choose to do it overnight and leave the liquid in the oven. It becomes pretty easier and fast for you to do it the following morning.

Step three – Empty the oven

Assuming you had hot ammonia water working inside the oven overnight, open the oven in the morning and then remove the pot of hot water and the bowl of ammonia. Ensure you don’t dispose of ammonia as you may need to use it later. Remove the oven racks and leave the door of the oven open so that the ammonia smell can air out pretty fast.

Step 4 – Scrub the oven

Now that the hot water and ammonia has had enough time to remove all the stains and work all the magic inside the oven, this is the most convenient time to scrub off all the dirt away. You will need to add 1 or 2 teaspoonful of dish soap to the ammonia dish and then put some warm water then take your gloves, wear them and then start scrubbing using a scrubbing pad or a sponge. At this point you will be dipping the cleaning pad or sponge into the ammonia mixture and use it to wipe off the grease. It should be pretty easy and fast at this point.

If it is hard for you to reach the back of your oven, you can just remove the oven door. It may sound complicated, but it is not. Clean thoroughly all the parts and every corner using a oven mat and warm ammonia mixture then rinse using a dump cloth. After you are through, you can leave the oven door open for the oven to air out any smell or trace of ammonia.

If you have never tried this method, you should try it. I bet it is the easiest and fastest method to clean your oven. The best thing about this method is that it leaves your oven very clean. The process does not take much of your time. In fact, it is the best, sure, proven, convenient and fastest way to clean your oven.