Carpet Cleaning Tips to Remove Allergens from Home

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Carpet flooring is a major choice for many people due to the luxurious feel it adds to the interior of a home. Even prestigious and commercial institutions are using high-quality carpet to treat their customers with a lavish experience. With all the charm this flooring option adds to the interior design, allergy specialists have often accused it of being one of the common triggers to allergies.

According to research, dirt, dust particles, mold, dust mites, fungi, and other floating substances accumulate in carpet resulting in the poor quality of indoor air. The mentioned substances can make allergy sufferers develop eczema, asthma, red & itchy eyes, rhinitis and other forms of allergies.

However, carpet flooring should not be held wholly responsible for causing such allergies. There are millions of people who have worked and lived in an environment with such flooring but are in good health. If proper carpet cleaning and maintenance practices are observed, there would be no accumulation of air pollutants in the carpet which affects the quality of the indoor air. Below are carpet cleaning tips to remove allergens from home and avoid suffering from any allergy attacks.  

Regular Vacuuming 

If your carpet experiences high traffic, vacuuming it daily is recommended to reduce dirt and dust build up. Most people make the mistake of cleaning their carpets once in a week or twice monthly. This is putting the health of the people using it at risk by exposing them to allergy attacks.

Quality of Vacuum Cleaner

No matter how often you vacuum your carpet, if you are not using a quality vacuum cleaner, your efforts are going to waste. A poor quality cleaner may expel the dust you extract from the carpet back to the air due to a faulty filter system. If you want good results, ensure you use a quality vacuum in cleaning your carpet.

Hire professional carpet cleaning service

Hiring the services of professional carpet cleaners once in a while is a good move if you want to keep your home safe from allergens. You may be cleaning your carpet but not doing well enough to remove allergens deeply engrossed in your carpet. These professionals have the tools and skills to clean the accumulated dirt and dust, stubborn stains, and microorganisms thriving within your carpet.

Steaming Your Carpet

Steam cleaning is the best approach that can get rid of almost all the allergens in your carpet. The method uses steam with a temperature of around 221 degrees which no allergen or bacteria can withstand.  You will be left with a clean carpet, free of allergens that cause allergic attacks.

Spot cleaning stains

If you have pets or kids in your home, your carpet is more prone to stains from urine, spilled drinks, among other causes. If left on your carpet, the spillages not only interfere with the appearance of your carpet but also can form an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and other allergens.

Spot cleaning is a good way to get rid of such spillages and stains.

Follow the procedure below to spot clean your carpet:

*         Pour a little amount of vinegar on the area you want clean.
*         Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda over the area.
*         Leave it for some minutes to give it time to work on the stain.
*         Blot and wipe the stain until it becomes clean.
*         Vacuum any baking soda remains on the carpet when the area dries.

The above procedure will leave your carpet looking fresh and free of allergy-causing allergens. However, if you have a large part of your carpet affected by spillages or stains, try the process in a small part of it first. Observe how it goes since it can have adverse effects on your carpet. This will prevent causing damage to a large part of your carpet.

Additional carpet cleaning tips to remove allergens from home

Below are some things you can do to maximize your efforts in maintaining an allergen-free home:

* Dust surfaces and clean bedding regularly to keep the number of dust mites in your home under control.
* Keep your house pets clean by washing them regularly and wiping them down after bathing and outdoor trips to reduce allergens in your home.
* Keep pollen out by closing windows and doors and using an air filter which you should change on a regular basis.
* Limit intrusion of dirt by using a doormat for people to wipe off their feet when entering the house. Enforce no-shoes in the house policy to ensure people don’t take a lot of dirt with their shoes into your home.


No more allergy attacks in your home. Implement the above carpet clean tips to remove allergens from home for quality and fresh indoor air. Besides making your carpet safe and healthy for use, the tips will prolong its lifespan. Your carpet will be looking new and feel soft for a long time.