Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry

Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry

In each household, you will find cleaners for different areas. You definitely have laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, toilet cleaners, bleach, fabric softeners body wash, hand wash, and many others. This means each purpose has its own specific soap. Now, there comes the question of using one detergent for the purpose it is meant for.

For instance, in the absence of a laundry detergent, can you use dishwasher pods as a substitute? Simply put, you should not use dishwasher pods for laundry. Each cleaner is made of certain ingredients with properties suiting its purpose. Dishwasher pods in this case contain bleach, which could discolor your clothes.

In this article, we will explain why you should not put dishwasher pods in the washer, how to use dishwasher pods, other uses of dishwasher pods, quick alternatives for laundry detergent, and other related questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Not Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry?

First point to note is that dishwasher pod/detergents do not have the same chemical properties as chemical detergents. For instance, its composition includes a foaming agent, which if put in the washer will form so much foam that will be difficult to rinse off properly.

Secondly, the dishwasher tablets will not clean the clothes properly. If anything, they are going to leave some clothes discolored due to the presence of bleach.

Then, there is the effect on your washer. Dishwasher pods are designed to work at higher temperatures. Your clothes may not need too high temperatures, thus if you are using dishwasher pods, they may end up not dissolving completely. This is going to leave a residue in your washing machine.

Therefore, to maintain maximum quality and efficiency, just avoid dishwasher pods in your washer or for laundry purposes whatsoever.

The Vice Versa-Can You Use Laundry Detergent Pods For Dishes

True, both laundry and dishwasher pods contain have molecules and surfactants that lift soil and other dirt off surfaces. They look similar but they cannot be used interchangeably. We have already seen why you can’t use the dishwasher pods for laundry.

Similarly, you shouldn’t use laundry pods for dishwashing reason being, the enzymes in dishwasher pods that break down crusted food are absent in laundry detergent pods.

Additionally, laundry pods may contain fragrances, brighteners, stain removers, and other chemicals, which can leave residue on the dishes.

Lastly, laundry pods create more suds, which can get in the way of water spray reaching the dishes. In worst-case scenario, they might even ruin your washer.

How Do You Use Dishwasher Pods?

Dishwasher pods are small that contain concentrated detergent in the right dosage to do one cycle in the dishwasher. Each capsule has an outer fill that will dissolve once in contact with water, pouring out its contents.

The detergent in the pod is concentrated, thus once it dissolves, and it is enough to do one cycle effectively.

Below is a simple procedure of using the pods.

  • Take one pod from the container. Here you are going to be careful not to touch it with wet hands, as it will start dissolving immediately it touches water.
  • Put the pod in the main wash or normal dishwasher detergent dispenser and close the lid. You do not have to poke any holes because it will dissolve automatically when you start the cycle.
  • Close the dishwasher and start your dishwashing cycle under your preferred settings.

Dishwasher pods have become popular because of their efficiency. For one, you do not have to struggle with measurements. You just pick out one pod and it is enough for a cycle. Second, they do a thorough job in removing food particles, cutting grease and other dish-related dirt.

Are There Any Other Uses Of Dishwasher Pods?

Besides washing the dishes, dishwasher pods can be used to perform several other cleanings as seen below.

  • You can get rid of pencil, crayon and scuff marks from floors and walls using dishwasher pods. Simply mix one pod with hot water, dip a sponge or rag in the solution, and wipe away the stains gently.
  • Toilet cleaning– dissolve one pod in the toilet bowl, the scrub the bowl as you would usually do. You will be amazed at the results.
  • Cleaning the patio furniture– dissolve the dishwasher pod in a bucket of hot water. Use the solution to clean away pollen, mildew and any other form of dirt on your patio furniture.
  • Whitening whites– dishwasher pods can remove stains on your whites making them brighter and whiter. In a bucket, mix the pod with some detergent and warm water. Note that this is to be done in a bucket and for whites only.
  • Cleaning garbage containers– to get your garbage bins exceptionally clean, just add a single pod in the bin and fill it with water. Let it dissolve and soak for around 30 minutes. Drain the water and rinse the bin.
  • Cleaning the Jacuzzi tub– sometimes you may not reach all areas when doing norm tub cleaning on your Jacuzzi. Just add a single pod into the tub filled with hot water. Then turn on the jets. The unreachable areas will be cleaned automatically.
  • You can also remove stubborn car leaks stain in your garage or drive way using dishwasher pods. Simply make a relatively thick paste of the pod in warm water. Rub it into the stains and leave it for at least five minutes. Now rinse it off and you are good to go.

Emergency Laundry Detergent Alternatives

If you discover that you have no laundry detergent left, do you skip doing laundry? No, you can still find other alternatives. We have already ruled out dishwasher pods, but here are some safe alternatives.

Machine-safe alternatives

  • Once your laundry detergent or powder is used up, the container is not completely empty. Just pour some warm water in and shake it well. You will gather enough detergent to do a sizeable load.
  • To enhance the detergent gathered above, you can add some borax or baking soda. Even in the absence of detergent at all, a cup of baking soda or borax will still work.
  • You can also make a homemade detergent using borax, bar soap, baking soda, and washing soda.

Hand washing alternatives

If you are going to be washing the clothes by hand in a sink, you can use the following:

  • Use a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo
  • Use bar soap or even bath bar soap
  • A hand wass or body wash in small amounts
  • Dishwashing liquid, only after confirming that it does not have bleaching agents

Related Questions

What products should never be used in a clothes washer?

In a washing machine, you should never use an automatic dishwasher detergent such as pods as they contain harsh ingredients that can cause bleaching and fading to the clothes.

Also, do not use shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, or dishwashing detergent as they usually produce so many bubbles that will be difficult to remove in the rinse cycle. The dishwashing soap in an HE machine produces so many suds that can damage your washer’s electronic system.

Lastly, avoid ammonia and other household cleaners. These two are known to be harsh on the fabrics, skin irritating in addition to spotting and color loss on clothes. They also have sudsing agents, which is not good for your washer as already said.

Which one is better between dishwashing liquid and pod?

If you like variety in terms of size/packaging and scent, the dishwashing liquid is what you need. In addition, liquid works best with manual dish washing while pods do best in a dishwashing machine.