Can You Steam-Clean Rubber Gym Floors?

Cleaning rubber gym floors is extremely important for the quality of our workouts. Exercise equipment can be cleaned with many different techniques and chemicals, but rubber gym floors are a bit more difficult to clean. People will try all kinds of different techniques to clean these rubber floors, but most individuals just end up damaging them. Only a few techniques are both safe and effective for getting your rubber floors cleaned.

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean gym floors. Don’t go with high-heating machines, though, or you still risk harming the rubber flooring. Keep the temperature moderate, and this will sterilize the floors without damaging them. Steam cleaning does not involve the use of harsh chemicals, either, and you’ll still be able to steam out hard stains and spots.

We all love doing exercise and keeping our bodies healthy, but most workouts also cause us to sweat. Unfortunately, all of this sweat gets onto the rubber gym flooring as well as the equipment. You can use multiple cleaning methods, including home remedies, to clean rubber floors, though.

You can gently scrub this type of flooring with soft brushes and homemade cleaning solutions to remove stains and sticky spots. However, the best advice is to avoid harsh chemicals because they can damage your floor. Soak your brushes with a pH-neutral cleaning solution before scrubbing for tough stains.

Cleaning Rubber Gym Floors

Many sports facilities have one thing in common: they all have covered spaces with mats or rubber flooring that are specifically dedicated to exercising, sweating, and improving a person’s physical and psychological well-being and state of mind.

You go to the gym or sports facilities to feel good. Nothing is more demotivating than finding the facilities dirty and neglected, though. Dirt is one of the main transmitters of diseases, and the smell of sweat is very unappealing and can even cause nausea. Facilities that are not maintained are often quickly abandoned for this reason.

During and after each session, these places require deep cleaning to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, odors, mold, and dirt. However, most people need to be better informed as well as more equipped to maintain the cleanliness of these rubber floors.

Here are a few ways to clean your rubber gym flooring.

1)   Vacuum, Remove, and Disinfect

Vacuum the floor with a brush-type rolling vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the floor. Use a vacuum with soft rolling brush bristles, as this type is less likely to scratch or damage the rubber material of the flooring.

After vacuuming, use a putty knife to remove anything that may be stuck to the floor. Sometimes, there may be something stuck to the rubber flooring, such as chewing gum. In that case, you can use a plastic or wooden putty knife to remove it carefully.

Once the floor is free of debris and any stuck-on messes, disinfect the floor with a homemade solution. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 gallon of hot water in a large bucket, then use a cloth or sponge mop to spread the cleaning solution on the gym floor. The hot water and vinegar solution will sanitize it without damaging the rubber material.

2)   Use a Gym Floor Cleaner or Automatic Scrubber

You can also use an automatic floor cleaner or scrubber with soft bristles. Stiff bristles can leave marks on the floor. A scrubber that includes a dryer component is a great option, too, as it dispenses clean water and sucks up dirty water as you push it along.

To use one of these, add lukewarm water and follow the instructions listed on the device. You’ll typically need to add hot water by opening a compartment at the top. If you use warm or hot water, you will kill more germs than using cold water. Add a small amount of floor cleaner to the machine (or to the floor, depending on the instructions) along with the warm water for additional sanitizing. However, if you’ve recently used a neutral pH floor cleaner or dish detergent on your rubber flooring, avoid using additional cleaner, as there may still be residue from the soapy solution on the floor that can prevent the scrubber from removing impurities.

Run the scrubber over the floor’s entire surface to ensure that you disinfect each area. Use the auto scrubber at least once a week. If the gym is busy, use the scrubber daily to ensure the floor is clean and free of germs.

3)   Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are extremely user-friendly. You simply fill the stainless-steel boiler tank or water reservoir with tap water to get started. When you turn the dial, the water in the boiler is pressurized and heated for five to ten minutes (depending on the model).

Typically, this will reach a temperature above 200°F, along with acquiring the right amount of pressure needed to produce pure, “dry” steam. Similar to a vacuum, just connect the attachments to the main hose for the cleaning jobs at hand. There are numerous attachments and brushes available for each model and type, so you’ll be sure to have everything you need for a proper cleaning.

Routine for Cleaning Rubber Gym Floors

If you exercise every day, it would be best if you thoroughly cleaned your gym floors at least once a month. Because the rubber is glued or taped to the floor in most cases, we recommend that you clean the flooring with non-aggressive products and allow them to sanitize properly for a few minutes.

Valuable Tips:

  1. Use the water vacuum to remove any remaining dust particles.
  2. Avoiding bringing juices or beverages on the floor.
  3. Try to take as many precautions as possible to keep the flooring safe from stains. This will help your floors remain as good as new for a much longer time than if you allow them to become heavily soiled often.

Your gym’s rubber flooring will last many years if you maintain a simple cleaning routine.

Related Questions

How do you deep clean a rubber gym floor?

Deep cleaning means eliminating gems, odors, and dust particles from the gym floor. There are quite a few ways to do this. Using a vacuum and disinfecting with some rubber-safe cleaner is a good way to clean them up. With a scrubber, you can use cleaning products or home remedies for disinfection purposes.

If you are looking for deep cleaning without using chemicals, steam cleaning or using a gym floor cleaner with hot water would also be helpful. Use a gym floor cleaner with soft brushes, so it will not leave scratches on the floor.

Can you steam clean a rubber mat?

Yes, you can steam clean a rubber mat. In fact, it is one of the best ways to deep clean a rubber mat without using chemicals. Because strong chemicals can damage rubber mats, it is advised not to use chemicals nor overly hot heating machines for steam cleaning.