Can You Put One Item in the Washing Machine

Can You Put One Item in the Washing Machine

You have this one jumper, or shirt, or perhaps a dirty rug that you wish to wash urgently. However, you do not have any other clothing to make it a full load. In such a case, what options do you have, given that you need that item cleaned at that time?

Can you toss the single item in the washer? Yes, you can wash a single item in the washing machine if the need arises. For this, you will need to put the water under the lowest setting. Nevertheless, washing a single item in the wash can be seen as a waste of money and energy. Thus, it is advisable to wait until it’s a full load or at least half a load.

Keep reading this article to learn what to do if you only have a single item to wash, overloading/under-loading the washer, other items that you can wash in the washer, and other related questions.

Overloading/Under-Loading a Washing Machine

Usually, washer drum sizes range from 4 to 12 Kg, with the average being 7kg. Both overloading and under-loading can affect the performance or the wash results. Thus, you should be careful with the amount of weight you load into your washer.

  • Overloading

Sometimes, we might be tempted to finish an entire week’s laundry in as few cycles as possible. As such, we can be tempted to stack as many clothes as we can in each load. In other words, this is known as overloading. When you overload your washer, the clothes may just rotate in a big lump. At the end of the cycle, the clothes will be wet but not well washed, because you did not leave enough space for the clothes to wash properly.

Some machines may not start when overloaded, but for the ones that start anyway, you may not have to do the weighing manually. Just fill the drum up to 80%, leaving some space between the load and the top of the drum.

However, even as you load, consider the type of fabric. For instance, for a 7 kg washer, this is the weight limit for different fabrics.

  • Maximum of 6 kg for cottons
  • 2.5 kg maximum for delicates
  • 3-4 kg for minimum iron
  • 1 kg for silk
  • 2.5 kg maximum for woolens

This is to ensure the clothes are washed efficiently.

  • Under-loading

Under-loading a washing machine will not do you any good, unless it has a small loads program. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of water and energy. Whether you load one shirt or twenty of them, the machine will still run the same amount of water, and the same amount of electricity will be used to heat the water. So there is no point of under-loading, especially if you have enough clothes to make at least half or a full load.

Washing a Single Item in the Washing Machine

As already mentioned, if the need arises, you can wash a single item in the washer; it will do no harm to your washing machine. However, you need to consider facts such as cost-efficiency. Look at the fact that you are using water, electricity, and detergents on a single item. This would be rather wasteful.

Additionally, the spin may be a bit unbalanced, and the item may not come out as clean as expected. Thus, it is advisable to gather several other items to make it at least half a load.

On the other hand, the single item might be large enough to be washed in the washer. Consider the case of a heavy blanket, duvet, or certain types of floor rugs. If this is the case for you, then the single item already makes up for a full load, and you can wash it right in the washer by itself.

So What Do You If You Only Have a Single Item To Wash?

If you have just one single garment to wash, it would be preferable to hand-wash it in a sink. That way you will use less water and no electricity at all.

Alternatively, look around in the house. So many things can be machine-washed, which we didn’t know. You can pair up a couple of items. However, be careful to ensure that whatever you toss into the washer will together will go hand-in-hand without ruining the other items. For instance, assuming you wanted to clean a single floor rug, you can toss it into the washer together with car floor mats. This will make it at least half a load.

Below are certain items that most people didn’t know could be washed in the machine.

  1. You can wash your kid’s small toys, stuffed animals, in the washer by putting them in mesh bags and use the gentle setting. However, if it has any glued-on detail or foam beads, do not put it in the washer.
  2. You can do your load together with oven mitts and silicon trivets, as long as they are not too dirty.
  3. Small rugs and mats and the car rugs can also go into the washer in one load. Just ensure to remove as much dust first and pretreat any existing stains. Also, be careful with the water temperatures. It needs to be moderate. For the rugs, do not forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions for washing.
  4. Chair and bed pillows can be washed in the machine the same way to get rid of dust mites and dead skin. For this, you can throw in one pillow at a time.
  5. You can also toss in your shower curtains and liners as well as the window curtains. Again, be sure to use the right water temperature as specified on each item.
  6. Reusable shopping bags, yoga mats, and mouse pads can also go in the washer.
  7. Kitchen sponges, bath sponges, and mop heads also follow the same suit.

Given all the listed items above, now you know you have no excuse of washing just one item in the washer. Look around your house and you will not miss something that can go together with what you want to wash.

Washer Tips to Beware Of

Although washing machines have undergone a revolution, note that you don’t just toss everything in and everything will be fine. No. here are some washer tips to help you get the most out of your machine.

  1. Always ensure to check the tags. The washing machine is automated but its you to choose the right setting as per the instructions indicated on the tag on the item.
  2. Always, ensure to use the right washer setting. This will help preserve your clothes for longer.
  3. Do not use too much detergent, as it will not rinse away properly.
  4. Do not leave wet clothes in your washer. With time they will develop mildew and a strange smell.
  5. Ensure that your machine is balanced on the floor. If it is not balanced, the unit will be too shaky and work more than it should, causing wear and tear, which can lead to costly repairs.
  6. Ensure always to sort your laundry. Check the pockets for unwanted material such as pens, chalk, coins keys, etc. also separate in terms of colors so that you don’t have some clothes bleeding on others.

Related Questions

Can you under-load the washer?

Yes, you can under-load the washer, or even put a single item in. All you have to do is put it under the lowest setting, and you are good to go.

Can an overloaded washing machine leak?

Yes, overloading can cause some leakage on your washer. Do not fill the drum; ensure to leave at least some space and ensure the washer is properly balanced on a level ground.