Can You Pour Liquid Detergent Directly On Clothes

Can You Pour Liquid Detergent Directly On Clothes

Laundry best practices comprise of so many topics that need to be addressed. It is important to know how to use detergent, conditioner, the washer, stain removal and so many other questions. Now, for instance, did you know how to use laundry detergent correctly? Especially when it comes to liquid detergent, you must use it the right way to get the anticipated wash results.

So, can you pour your liquid detergent directly on the clothes? The answer is no. it is not recommended to pour the liquid detergent on clothes because then it may not dissolve well. This will leave behind a film on your clothes even after rinsing.

Read on this article to learn how to use detergents the right way, laundry mistakes to avoid, and other related questions.

Using the Laundry Detergent Correctly

When you toss your clothes into the washer, you expect them to come out clean. This will not be the case if you are not using the detergent the way it is meant to be used. You should be able to add detergent at the right time, in the right compartment, and the right dosage.

Given that laundry detergent comes in various forms such as powders, liquid, and pods, it can be a little confusing on how to use a certain kind correctly. The most common mistake that most people make is using too much detergent, which only makes your laundry dingy.

To help you in using detergent, consider the factors outlined below.

  • First, determine the kind of detergent that will be perfect for your case. Most people may prefer liquid detergent because of ease of pouring. Additionally, they are perfect for getting rid of grease spots and stains and even ground-in dirt.

Powder detergents are good when it comes to overall consistent cleaning. However, too much of it can leave a residue on the clothes.

Pods make laundry easier as you do not have to do the guesswork of measuring the amount of detergent needed. If you are using pods, you must be careful; put it out of reach of pets and children who might confuse it with some candy.

  • Once you choose your preferred form of detergent, you must know how much laundry needs to be done in form of load size. Most measuring caps state the amount of detergent for certain load size. If the drum looks ¼ full, that is a small load. ½ full is a medium load, while if it is almost full, then it is a full load.

Note that the drum should not be filled to capacity, as this will prevent the detergent from being distributed evenly. Plus, the clothes won’t be clean enough in addition to being wrinkled.

  • Note that too much detergent will not do you any good. The clothes will not come out cleaner. In fact, it will only leave unpleasant residue on the clothes. Again, note that detergents may be so concentrated, thus it’s advisable to double check the instructions to ensure you are putting in the right amount.

If you are using a high-efficiency or HE washer, you are not going to user the regular detergent. Use detergent made specifically for HE washers.

So, When Do You Add the Detergent?

At this point, you may be wondering then what should come first, or when you should add detergent. An HE front-loading washer comes with a separate compartment for putting the detergent. For a regular top-loading machine, you first fill the water, add the detergent, and then toss in the clothes.

Putting the detergent in first ensures it dissolved and that it is evenly distributed before coming into contact with the clothes.

Still on the issue of when to add the detergent, if you were washing your clothes in the sink or in a basin, you will first fill the sink with water. Then add the detergent and use your hand to stir so that it is distributed evenly. Then proceed to put in the clothes for washing.

Detergent for Top and Front Loading Machine

A top-loading machine and front-loading machine are not meant to use the same type of detergent. Detergents for top loading have been made to work well with a lot of water. It produces a lot of foam, which is okay for a top loader, but which could cause damage for a front loader.

For front loaders, use a special front loader detergent. Below is how detergent should be added in both types of washers:

  • Adding detergent in a top loader

If using either liquid or powder detergent, put it in the machine bowl or at the agitator center. Then add in the clothes. Do not attempt to add the detergent directly on clothes.

  • Adding detergent on HE and front loaders

Here you just have to put the liquid/powder detergent in the detergent dispenser, put the clothes in the drum, and then start the cycle.

As already mentioned, ensure that you are using the right amount of detergent. Too little will not clean the clothes well and dirt may build up in your machine. On the other hand, too little is uneconomical, and it will lead to poor rinsing with over-sudding and foaming in your washer. It will also leave some visible marks on the clothes.

Laundry Detergent Mistakes To Avoid

Apart from knowing how to add detergents, here are more detergent rules to follow and mistakes to avoid.

  • Do not use too much detergent. It will not make your clothes cleaner; on the contrary, your clothes will remain with some detergent residue. Always check the recommended dosage on the detergent container.
  • Always let the detergent dissolve and get evenly distributed before putting in clothes. This way, no film will form on your clothes.
  • This has already been mentioned-do not pour the detergent directly on your clothes.
  • Always remember to sort out clothes before tossing them into the washer.
  • Remember to pre-treat the stains. Detergent alone may not get out the stains completely.

Related Questions

How can you prevent detergent stains?

Detergent stains usually come about if the detergent did not dissolve in the water properly. You can avoid this if you add the detergent to the water and run the cycle for a minute before tossing in your load.

How much detergent is enough for a load?

For a regular load size, you only need a tablespoon of detergent. However, depending on the detergent you are using you can check the given direction about dosage.

Which is better between liquid and powder detergent?

Both liquid and powder perform a great job when it comes to laundry. However, liquid will work better on greasy stains while powder works well in removing muddy stains.

Can you put fabric softener in the drum?

Well, if you are adding fabric softener manually, you can easily add it into the water pockets. However, ensure to add it in the rinse cycle because if you add it in the wash cycle, most of it will waste away, and it will not have served its purpose.