Can We Wash Blanket in 6kg Washing Machine

Can We Wash Blanket in 6kg Washing Machine

A washer is an expensive appliance, and you have to use it properly so that you do not shorten its lifespan. Among the best washer practices includes putting the right weight without overloading. If you overload the washer, the clothes may not have sufficient space for spinning, and they may not come out as clean as they should. Additionally, there will be excessive pressure on the motor.

This begs the question; can you wash a blanket in a 6kg washing machine? Yes, you can wash a blanket in a 6 kg machine. However, this depends on certain factors; for instance, the blanket should be less than 6kg, machine washable, and able to fit well into the washer while leaving some space.

In this article, we look at washer drum sizes in terms of capacity and the corresponding load weight, how to wash a blanket, and other related questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Washing a Blanket in the Washer

We have seen that you can wash the blanket in the 6kg washer if it is machine washable and if it fits. Of course, some blankets might be too big and heavy to be washed in this washer size. However, if yours can fit well without overloading, here is the procedure of washing it.

  • Fabrics suitable for machine wash include materials such as cotton, and synthetic material like nylon and polyester.
  • Before tossing it into the washer, take it outside and shake it well to remove any loose dirt and debris.
  • For blankets, it recommended using cool water on a gentle cycle. Hot water can stretch out the threads of the blanket and even the dye might run. The blanket will come out of the washer looking even worse.
  • You are going to measure a small amount of mild detergent for this. Put in the detergent after filling the water but before putting in the blanket.
  • When you place the blanket in the washer, ensure you spread it evenly in the drum.
  • Now let the blanket wash. If it is heavy duty or made of a synthetic material, it can go full cycle. However, you can still stop the cycle halfway and drain the washer if your blanket is of a delicate material.

Understanding Drum Sizes and Capacity

As already mentioned, washing machines come in different drum sizes and capacities. The general range is between 6 and 12kg. You will want to buy one that fits your laundry needs. This means if you always have a lot of laundry to be done, you are better off with a bigger machine so that you do not have to do so many cycles.

On the other hand, if your laundry is not so big, maybe you live alone, it will make economic sense to buy a smaller washer.

So, What Is Drum Capacity

The drum capacity is simply the total weight of dry clothes that you wash safely in one cycle. The capacity should be less than the amount that you can fit to fill the drum. As said, it would be better that you purchase a washer with a drum size that you can easily fill.

How Do You Choose the Ideal Drum Size?

If you are the market for a washer, drum size is one of the recommendations to make.

To know your ideal size, consider your washing habits. If you are the type that prefers to do laundry every day, a smaller size would be ideal because there is no one time when you will have so much to wash. However, if you are the type to do laundry may be once a week, you will need a bigger size so that you won’t have too many cycles that will keep you in the laundry room the entire day.

Another consideration to think of is the size of your family. For a larger family, you may go for a bigger washer. However, for a relatively smaller family, a smaller washer will be fine. On average though, a 7-8kg machine would do for a medium-sized household.

Most people may ask if it would be better to buy a bigger washer or a smaller one. Of course, a bigger one will cost more, but it also come with additional settings for washing heavier items like duvets and blankets. Plus, it saves you time because you will only do a few washes.

However, if your laundry needs are not so many, you will be fine with a smaller washer.

Related Questions

What does the kilogram capacity on a washer mean?

Washers usually have the amount of kilograms written on them. This weight is not that of the machine but the weight of clothes it can handle per cycle. Thus if a machine is 6kg, it means you can load in clothes of not more than 6kg.

Is the weight measured for dry or wet clothes?

Wet clothes are heavier than dryness. However, drum capacity is the weight of dry clothes it can carry, not wet ones. Of course, if you put a 6kg load into a 6kg washer, once water is added, they will be heaver, but the washer can handle that. Just be careful not to exceed the recommended weight of dry clothes on your washer.