Can We Use Washing Machine Daily

Can We Use Washing Machine Daily

Different people have different work schedules. Some may be too busy throughout the week and they prefer to set aside one day to do an entire week’s laundry. Others prefer to do their laundry in bits maybe twice or thrice a week because they do not like laundry accumulating. Others prefer to do laundry every day so that each day’s laundry remains sorted.

So the big question is, is it ok to use the washing machine daily? The answer is yes, you can use the washer on a daily basis. You see, a washing machine is like any other household appliance such as the oven or the juicer. These appliances can be used as many times when needed. The same case applies to the washer. There is no harm in using it every day; however, you need to use it correctly and practice proper maintenance practices so that it can last long.

This article looks at how to use the washer efficiently, maintenance practices, and other related questions. Keep reading for deeper insight.

One Laundry Day vs. Laundry Every Day

Whether you like it or not, clothes and other items get dirty every day, and laundry has to be done in one way or the other. You can choose to let your laundry pile up and have a dedicated day to do all of it. You can also do it in bits every day or in a span of every two or three days.

Whichever method you choose, below are ways to make your preferred method work better for you.

Laundry Day

Laundry day as mentioned is for those that pile up laundry and have it all done once or on a single day. This could be because they have been sick and were not able to do laundry, or they just don’t like doing it in bits or for some other reasons. Below is how to tackle your laundry day conveniently.

  • First collect all the laundry that needs to be done and place it in the laundry room. Sort and arrange in the order of what will be washed first. 
  • You could start with adult clothes, which should be divided into two loads of whites and darks. Next, toss in the kids’ clothes. 
  • Depending on the capacity of your washer, you can toss in one load per child in your preferred sorting order.
  • Once done with clothes, follow up with towels and sheets, and finally, finish with the cleaning rags.
  • It is your laundry day, so be ready for work probably the whole. As each load comes out of the washer and dryer, you can be folding, hanging, and putting the ready one away.
  • Once you are done with all your laundry, run your washer through a cleaning cycle and leave the door open to dry. You are now done for the day until your next laundry day.

Laundry Every Day

Not everyone is comfortable spending a whole day doing laundry. For that, you can do a load or two each day. Here is an easy way to tackle your laundry daily.

  • First, understand that this method works if you wash fold and keep away the clothes each day. It is convenient especially for those people who cannot get a whole free day to do laundry. It is easier because once the clothes are dried; folding will take just a few minutes given that it’s just a few clothes for that day.
  • You can draw out a simple laundry schedule of what will be washed each day. You can maybe start with the kids’ clothing. You can give each child a day. Then set out some days for adult clothing and others for towels, sheets, and rags.
  • You can juggle this in between other activities. This means as a cycle is running, you can still be making dinner or doing homework with the kids.

Once you make it a routine, you will realize that with this method, you do not spend so much time doing laundry.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Whether you opt to wash clothes daily or occasionally, the washer must be well maintained to last you long. Below are some measures to consider.

  • Just like clothes, the washer also needs to be cleaned. Check the manufacture’s instructions about cleaning the interior. After everyday use, leave the door open so that moisture can escape leaving it dry.
  • Do not use excessive detergent. This will not make the clothes cleaner, and it can damage the motor and water pipes.
  • Always use the right settings to help preserve your clothes as well as the machine.
  • If you notice your clothes coming out with some orange spots, it is because of rust. Look for the rusted areas in the washer and remove them. You can do this by putting in some lemon juice and running the washer.
  • Overloading is not recommended; not only will the clothes come out not so clean, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the motor. Also, avoid heavy items such as carpets as they also put so much pressure on the motor.

Related Questions

How often should you clean the washer?

Given that the washer cleans your clothes, it also needs some cleaning. The washing intervals depend on the number of loads you have run. On average, you can run the cleaning cycle after every 30 wash loads. However, after daily use, ensure to leave the door open so that it can dry and eliminate any funny smells.

Can you stop a washing machine before the cycle ends?

Yes, you can. Simply press the start/pause button. After a few minutes, the water in the drum will safely drain, and the door will open. You can then maybe add an item or remove, or even change the settings and resume the cycle.