7 Easy Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Clean

7 Easy Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is an important part of any household. This is where you prepare your meals and keep anything that gets into your digestive system. For this reason, you need to uphold high hygiene standards in your kitchen at all times. Here are a few tips on how to make your kitchen clean.

1) Always clean utensils after eating

It does not matter whether you are taking a snack, some salad or a whole meal. After you are done, clean that bowl or plate. This way you avoid having a sink that always has something inside it. When you leave dirty utensils therein, you are only inviting flies and other small microorganisms in your kitchen such as ants. I cannot stand a kitchen with flies all over it.

2) Clean sponges and the sink

I use sponges to clean my utensils. Sponges get dirty too because they are what you use to clean your items. Rinsing sponges after cleaning is not enough. I prefer to boil my sponges in hot water occasionally. This kills harmful bacteria and prevents the buildup of dirt on the sponges. I often clean my sinks with hot water and soap.

3) Sterilize your fridge

This is where you keep most of your foodstuff ranging from vegetables, fruits, milk to meat. Therefore, you cannot afford to have a dirty fridge, as it is part of my kitchen. A dirty fridge equals a dirty kitchen. About sterilizing your fridge, it is very easy. I use warm water and soap to wipe the surfaces. Afterwards, I wipe them using a clean, dry piece of cloth. Wait for the fridge to dry before returning foodstuffs.

4) Always clean when cooking

As you cook or prepare a meal, many things happen on the kitchen countertop. Spills are inevitable. You may accidentally spill water, ingredients and cooking oil. To prevent your kitchen from looking too messy after cooking consider wiping any spills. Pick up any dirt that falls on the floor, as it is hazardous. You may slip on that banana or onion peel and hurt yourself. I know you could be tired sometimes but get used to wiping and picking up dirt. You will not struggle doing that anymore.

5) Empty the dustbin as often as possible

Any clean kitchen has a dustbin. Separate trash and recycling containers. Make it a routine to empty the bins whenever necessary. There is no set time of emptying them. Therefore, do not wait until the weekend to do so. Do it when need be to avoid foul smells and having an unhealthy kitchen. You may notice some flying insects when you do not empty the bins often. They are an indicator that you need to do something about your kitchen’s hygiene.

6) Organize your cooking space

Cleanliness also has to do with being tidy. It is possible to clean utensils after every meal, clean sponges, sterilize your fridge, and empty the bins but your kitchen is disorganized. This means that you have clean items all over the place such that when you start cooking, there is no enough space to cook comfortably. This may lead to spills and dropping your favorite dish or mug. Therefore, learn to organize your kitchen including the cooking area. This way, you are able to cook without disruptions or small accidents that eat up your time in the kitchen.

7) Train children on keeping the kitchen clean

If you do not live with kids, it is easy adhering to your set hygiene standard s in the kitchen. However, if you have children, the situation is different. You need to train them on how to keep the kitchen clean. Teach them each of the above tips. If they are old enough to clean utensils and wipe spills the better.

Training is easier when you involve them in your cleaning sessions. They will learn by observing. Besides, keep the things they need at a position they can reach. For example, sugar, salt, spices and even utensils should be lower shelves. This way you avoid accidents and wastage of foods. Otherwise, do not be surprised to find food on the countertops and broken bowls and cups. Such increase kitchen expenses, which is not good at all.

With the above seven tips on how to keep your kitchen clean, you can be sure that its appearance will improve. The cleaner the kitchen the healthier it is.