5 Easy Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Everyone love showers but one task that we don’t like is to clean a shower head. I was in that bracket too and I decided to do some research and look for methods that are painless and simple. I discovered 5 easy ways one can use to clean a shower head. Want to discover them too? Well, read on to know them.

1. Bagging it

This is one of the easiest ways to clean a shower head. The next time you see your shower spitting at you, just check if its holes are clogged. If so, then you will know that it needs a good cleaning. Don’t feel low as it happens to all of us. And it should not be surprising that many people forget to clean their shower heads. They wait until over half the holes in the shower head are clogged.

To unclog it, you only need to use a storage bag or freezer bag. Put white vinegar to almost halfway mark. Don’t fill it as it will overflow. Now place it around your shower head by attaching it with a rubber band. Let the bag sit for about an hour. After that, remove the bag and turn on the water to flush out any vinegar out of the holes. Polish it so it looks clean and shiny.

2. Deep Cleaning

If your shower head has an arm attached to it, then it is possible to detach it and give it a thorough cleaning. Unscrew the shower head as per the instructions given in the user manual. It is recommended that you use a wrench as opposed to pliers to remove the shower head. This will prevent you from damaging the finishing on it. 

Once you manage to remove it, you will want to run water inside to rinse any clogs that may be inside of it.

After that, use an old toothbrush to scrub the shower head. Use a mixture of vinegar and water when scrubbing as this will help loosen up the dirt trapped inside your shower head. After that, use a toothpick or a safety pin to dig into the holes of the shower head to remove more dirt.

To remove more dirt, soak the parts of your shower head in vinegar overnight. Vinegar will make blockages dissolve by loosening dirt. Once done, rinse your shower head again and re-assemble it. Turn it on to see if all the holes are open.

3. Use Oven Cleaner

Although most oven cleaners are tough and hard on hands, they do a great job cleaning ovens. Why not use them to clean your shower head? Well, I tried it and it worked just fine. However, there are a few safety tips you will need to factor in. First, have your safety gloves on as oven cleaners can be really hard on your skin. 

Second, wear a mask to avoid breathing the heavy smells of oven cleaners. They are normally heavy scented and can be irritating and cause some allergy. Third, don’t let it settle for a long time on your shower head as it can damage its finishing.

Now that you know the safety precautions to take, spray the cleaner on your shower head generously and wait for about 20 minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly. Turn it on to ensure it is working properly. It should function like a new shower head.

4. Using baking soda

I think virtually everyone has heard that baking soda is an excellent cleaner. It is a popular home cleaner thanks to its abrasive, natural, and affordable nature. It is among my best cleaners as well. I tried cleaning my shower head with it and it did a great job. This did not come as a huge surprise because I have been using it to clean other appliances in my house.

So how do you go about cleaning a shower head with baking soda? Just mix some baking soda with water. It should form a nice paste. Add more baking soda to make it thicker then rub it all over your shower head especially on the nozzles. Ensure it is thoroughly coated. Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing your shower head thoroughly.

Test it to see if it is spraying as it should. I hope your shower head will be sparkling clean at the end of this cleaning process and the flow of the water will be excellent.

5. Use Coke

I knew coke would be a cleaning option but it freaked me a little bit. I used to love drinking Coca-Cola when I was young. That was my best drink. I remember one time a traffic police joked and told me, “You should not be drinking a coke”. I asked him why? He told me that they use it to clean blood off the road whenever a shower head traffic accident happens. It hit me hard and I didn’t want to consume it again. But that one aside, coke is a good cleaner. Now I decided to clean my shower head using it. I put it in a bowl and dipped it in there. After rubbing it using a cloth, all the grime and dirt came out of it.

You can do this as well. If it doesn’t clean well at first glance, dip it again until all the grime comes out. Rinse it thoroughly, dry it, and test to make sure it is functioning properly.

Wrap Up

That is all there is to clean a shower head. Therefore, if your shower head has scale buildup due to hard water from your home supply, then you can use any of the above methods to clean a shower head. Hard water leaves traces of calcium and lime deposits. In other times, it is the debris in the water that gets stuck in your shower head thereby blocking the pores.

Whatever the case, you don’t need to worry or have boring showers because most the pores have blocked them. Any of the above solutions are easy to implement.