10 Life Changing Vacuum Hacks that Make Your Life Easier

Although it’s not a chore you want to do regularly, vacuuming the home is one of those chores which should be done routinely. In fact, vacuuming daily will help maintain your home’s flooring, while keeping your house clean and fresh at all times. Since it’s not a chore you want to do, finding ways to make it more bearable, and possibly fun, will help the time fly by. Consider a few of these simple hacks to make this household chore one you might actually enjoy. 

1. Remove hair from the brush roll with a box cutter –

If you notice the suction power failing, this might be caused by items which got caught up in the brush roll. Power the vacuum off, and look underneath it to determine if this is the problem. If you find this to be the case, a box cutter is a simple tool that’ll do the trick. Simply cut the hair, string, wire, or other jammed items with the cutter, and your vacuum is ready to start rolling once again.

2. Search for lost jewelry with a pair of tights –

If you’ve ever lost a precious stone or diamond, or your favorite pair of earrings, you know the feeling. If you happen to get these items jammed in the vacuum, an old pair of tights might be the ultimate solution to getting that precious jewelry back! Simply take a pair of old tights, place it over the nozzle of a handheld tool, and start retracing your steps. If you do come across the jewelry, the tights will block the nozzle so you won’t vacuum up those small items.

3. Furniture indentation repair with ice cubes –

If you have heavy furniture on carpeting, indentation is something you don’t want to be visible when moving furniture. A simple solution to fixing this is with the use of ice cubes. Simply use ice cubes and a fork to pull the fibers back up to the surface, and you’ll never notice there was a piece of heavy furniture sitting in that spot for years.

4. Baking oil & essential oils –

If your mattress has seen better days, a simple solution to freshen it up is baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. The sweat pours out of your body during the night, and over time, the mattress tends to get dirty and can emit powerful odors. With these two ingredients, it’ll look and smell brand new in no time.

5. Toilet roll tubes to help reach tight areas –

Runner tracks, areas near hinges, and tight corners around appliances are often heard to reach with traditional vacuum tools. Placing a toilet paper tube over the mouth of your handheld tools can help you reach those areas. Squeezing the tube allows for a tight fit and makes it easy to mobilize tight or hard to reach corners.

6. A pinch of cinnamon –

Adding a drop of cinnamon to your vacuum bag/cylinder is a nice trick for a fresh aroma. Not a fan of cinnamon? Fresh vanilla or other ingredients work wonders as well. Your floors will look great, and your home will smell fresh.

7. Double up as an air freshener –

You can buy those sprays but many are full of chemicals; instead, apply your favorite scented essential oils into the vacuum bag/cylinder, and let the vacuum do the work for you. Not only will your home smell fresh, you’ll eliminate the harmful toxins that air fresheners typically have in the ingredients.

8. Tumble dryer sheets –

This is another solution you can try as an air freshner. Simply place a scented tumble dryer sheet into the bag or cylinder, and vacuum the home normally, to leave behind that fresh scent.

9. Masking tape solution –

To avoid scuffs or dents/dings to the walls when vacuuming, place masking tape on walls your vacuum will come into contact with. This allows you to work through the home seamlessly, and not worry about paint chipping or scuffs on all wall surfaces.

10. Use the Brush Attachment as a Duster –

With vacuum cleaners, you get a brush attachment head. You simply let the vacuum do the high-powered dusting for you, rather than having to use a manual duster.